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Our History

Leo H. Kiefer, who was the founder of the company, was born in 1905. Leo’s father died when he was in grade school. Since he was the elder son, it was his duty to raise and support the family. He started working at an early age as a blacksmith and then worked his way into an electrical service organization.

At the age of 25, Leo along with partner Eddie Shultz started the Kiefer & Shultz Company. The principal business of the company was refrigeration and automatic heat, both of which were new to the industry. The company served the Belleville community. In 1946 Eddie Shultz retired and the business started operating under the name L.H. Kiefer Company.

In 1968 Leo retired and the business was acquired by Thomas L. Kiefer, who changed the company name to Kiefer Environmental Services. The principal line of business became automatic heating and central air conditioning systems. The company was best known for doing design and installation of heating and cooling systems, both residential and commercial. The bulk of the business was commercial, including a lot of work at Scott Air Force Base.

In 1971 Thomas acquired the Excelsior Foundry Company and remodeled it as the new home for the heating and cooling operation. At this time the sheet metal fabrication facility expanded and converted to new state-of-the-art fabrication systems to promote higher standards and efficiency with greater output capability. The company was the biggest service organization of heating and cooling systems in the area. It was always the intention of the company to provide the best possible service to their customers at the best possible price.
In 1979 the company was sold and merged with another company doing electrical contracting work. Thomas worked under an employment contract focusing on expanding the growth of the company. After working for three years, Thomas started his own small heating and cooling company known as T.L. Kiefer Company.

In 1999 Thomas retired and sold his business to his son, Steve who changed the business name to S.D. Kiefer Company. Steve has owned the company to this date, specializing in heating and cooling and custom sheet metal work for residential and light commercial customers. Steve focuses on satisfying customers with the best possible service, having been in the heating and cooling business for over 35 years.

In 2015 the business was incorporated and changed its name to Kiefer Heating & Cooling, Inc. We continue to service the Belleville community and surrounding areas. Our service rates and prices for the installation of new systems are very competitive.

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